International Trade & Transport Agents • We•ve had the world in our hands since 1988.

  International Trade & Transport Agents can send any non-perishable cargo worldwide. Our professional services include:
   •   Collecting and air freighting personal cargo (this includes air freighting personal goods for immigration and relocation),
   •   Collecting and air freighting business cargo (this includes providing customs export documents and arranging air freighting),
   •   Having dangerous goods packed by an authorised dangerous goods packer,
   •   Kennels for live animals (domestic and commercial live stock) and
   •   Transporting human remains.

All goods are available for collection when pre-arranged.

Personal Cargo:
At ITTA, we are experienced in shipping all manner of personal cargo and excess baggage, from small suitcases to large trunks and tea chests. Our highly trained staff will ensure that your excess baggage and luggage is transported to your airport of destination safely and securely.

We will collect all excess baggage and luggage from your home and transport it directly to the cargo shipping airline of your choice. All of your personal cargo will be assigned a tracking code and will be monitored by our staff to ensure that it reaches you at the right place and at the right time.

Business Cargo:
We understand that without a reliable logistics system, business cannot take place properly. This is why ITTA provides the best air freighting services for commercial cargo. We ensure that your commercial freight arrives on time with the minimum amount of fuss.

Our agents will supply all the customs documents and cargo manifests that you will need to get your cargo off the ground and in the air. We will also make all the arrangements necessary with one of our reliable and trusted shipping air lines.

Dangerous/Hazardous Goods Transport:
There are numerous laws, customs regulations and legal hoops to navigate when transporting dangerous goods, so you need to entrust the process to a professional handling company.

Our staff are rigorously trained and geared to handle your dangerous goods efficiently and safely. We pride ourselves on our ability to ensure that all cargo containing dangerous goods, is managed properly and according to the law.

Domestic and Commercial Live Stock:
To ensure the safety and comfort of your pets, ITTA will choose the most pet friendly airline and the most convenient route when booking your pet's flight. Your pets will be booked as manifest cargo which means that they will travel in the livestock hold below the passenger cabin - this area is dimly lit, heated and pressurized.

ITTA is able to efficiently transport your commercial livestock to just about anywhere in the world.

Human Remains:
We at ITTA understand that losing a loved one is difficult. This is why we can assist with the repatriation of mortal remains. We are able to arrange international repatriation as well as local repatriation. The repatriation process is a difficult one and can be time consuming and stressful, which is the last thing you want when you are grieving.

We take the stress out of repatriation and can assist you in obtaining the correct documentation to move and transport the human remains.


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