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International Trade & Transport Agents • We•ve had the world in our hands since 1988.

International trade & Transport Agents (ITTA) specialises in transporting personal and commercial cargo such as excess luggage, pets and other freight to locations all over the world.

ITTA was formed in October 1988 to handle the cash clients for Zambia Airways. Since then, we have grown to become the appointed counter sales agents for several major European, American and African airlines. With over 24 years of experience in air freighting, you can trust that we will deliver your cargo securely and on time.


From our premises in the Foreign Cargo Terminal next to OR Tambo International airport, we are able to arrange transportation for your personal or commercial cargo to anywhere in the world. We always select the most suitable and cost effective freight solution to ensure we deliver a service that is flexible, reliable, and cost-effective.

Our staff is always able to keep track of your goods and we can ensure that your cargo does not get lost in the cracks. ITTA is available for all of your extra luggage, pet transport and other cargo requirements. Our pet transportation experts will ensure that your animals travel safely and comfortably.

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To the ITTA Team

Peter Tiege is like an animal angel. Without your constant reassurance Peter, I simply don't know how I would've made it (without medication) through the transition period waiting for Milo and Stellar to arrive in the United States. 

Through my multiple emails requesting stats on safety, telling you about the horror stories I'd read, health certificates and even leaving Milo and Stellar alone for longer than they needed to be - you made me laugh, feel comfortable and calmed me down. You answered every question with kindness and concern and you treated Milo and Stellar as if they were in the hands of someone who really and truly loved and cared for them as if they had belonged to you all along. 

Apart from Peter's kindness and patience - his professionalism goes beyond a business transaction. Peter's advice, guidance, arrangement of kennels, knowledge about international regulations and travel tips, comfort accessories for inside the cages, retrieving documents as well as ensuring both my small dogs safety from South Africa to the United States was all invaluable and something so unexpected that you leave feeling like a friend rather than a stranger.

Milo and Stellar arrived in Missouri after almost 20 hours of flying in exactly the way Peter had described he'd secure the kennels for me. He did this to ensure that no one picked up one side of the kennel or dragged it by one handle as I was so anxious that my puppies would pushed around inside. They were relaxed, not frightened as I thought they might be... but mostly just really confused! I - on the other hand - was a hot mess but so incredible thankful to have found someone like Peter at the ITTA Group to help me bring Milo and Stellar home.

Words will never describe how grateful I am for such incredible service. You really came through for me and I could not give Peter and his team a high enough recommendation other than leaving my contact details to confirm this letter for yourselves.

Thank you Peter, you are a remarkable human.



Dear Dorette,

I wanted to let you know that all of us arrived safely in Amsterdam on Sunday :-) Everything was done "to the T" and on arrival to Schiphol we were able to retrieve the kids fairly easily as per your organization.

Thank you soooooo much for everything, you were amazing every step of the way and very reassuring. Relocating to a new country is scary enough and the stress of transporting my three babies added to everything.

Carleen was so warm, understanding and professional when she came to fetch the kids on Saturday (I, of course was in "snot en trane" mode).

Your services were impeccable and not once did I feel uncomfortable or unsure once I liaised with you, thank you again!!

Warm Regards from a cold Holland,

Bev, Snooty, Flikka and Katinka ;-)




Hi Dorette!

I am pleased to inform you that we have picked up Indigo Eyes at the airport yesterday. We got through customs without any problems. Indigo Eyes was very relaxed and seems like he travelled very well with no difficulties at all.

Once again, I would like to thank you for the excellent service and I would surely recommend you to anyone who would like to relocate their pets and personal belongings overseas.

Dr. Sheyn




Hi Dorette,
Just want to let you know that doggie arrived well and everybody is over the moon. Once again thank you so much for your kind help and superb service. Will definetely recommend your services.

Best regards,
M. Ferreira.




Hello Dorette and Mike 

Thank you is such a small appreciation for a sterling job done!  It is heartfelt. 

Not only did you assist me all the way with my pets but also gave me the trust and compassion needed for such an endeavour. 

Be assured that I will be flying the flag for ITTA and for both of you. 

The pets are doing well and are adjusting to the cold.  I need to go blanket and jersey shopping

for the walkies.  

Warm regards

Petria Geyer


Hi Dorette

We have a lot and we have seen Service and service.

I would like to compliment you, you're service we have seen hardly - ever.  I am so impressed and so should you be.  Thank you for the service.  Taking pride in once job is a virtue! Treasure it!
Kind regards
Peralt Merwe (vander)



just a short email to say the animals arrived in good shape, they seemed pleased to be back with the children.

I?ll send a few picks tomorrow.

A job well done, thanks. 



Hi Dorette and Mike,

Just to let you know that we arrived safely and Shadow was fine, he travelled very well. It was a little crazy to get him because of their system but nothing major. Thank you very much for your service and we would definately use your company again should we need to. 




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